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  Player Information

Player Profile

Steam Community Avatar
Canada blob
Location: Nepean, Canada
Steam: STEAM_0:0:99796223
Status: Online
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Karma: In good standing
Member of Clan: (None)
Real Name: (Not Specified)
E-mail Address: (Not Specified)
Home Page: (Not Specified)
MM Rank: rank
Last Connect:* Wed. Feb. 5th, 2020 @ 18:18:10
Total Connection Time: 0d 09:04:11h
Average Ping:* -
Favorite Server:* Fragz.net 2Fort [INSTANT RESPAWN | RTD]
Favorite Map:* ctf_2fort
Favorite Weapon:* pTelefrag

Statistics Summary

Activity: 42%
Points: 2,421
Rank: 1
Kills per Minute: 0.84
Kills per Death: 4.4902 (3.32*)
Headshots per Kill: 0.0197 (0.0452*)
Shots per Kill: 225.00
Weapon Accuracy: 37.9% (38%*)
Headshots: 9 (9*)
Kills: 458 (199*)
Deaths: 102 (60*)
Longest Kill Streak: 42
Longest Death Streak: 12
Suicides: 0
Teammate Kills: 0 (0*)

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  Miscellaneous Statistics

Player Trend
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Forum Signature

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Current rank: Sergeant
Kills needed: 42 (58%)
Rank history
Recruit Private Private First Class Lance Corporal Corporal

  Awards (hover over image to see name)

Gold Sentry Kills Gold Ambassador Gold Amputator Gold Atomizer Gold Axtinguisher Gold Back Scratcher Gold Backburner Bronze Backstabber Gold Baseball Gold Bat Bronze Scotsman's Skullcutter Gold Vita-Saw Gold Bazaar Bargain Gold Big Earner Gold Black Box Gold Bleed Kills Gold Blutsauger Gold Bonesaw Bronze Healer Gold Boston Basher Gold Bottle Gold Brass Beast Bronze Buff Deploy Gold Sapper Gold Built Dispenser Gold Built Sentry Gun Gold Built Mini Sentry Gun Gold Teleporters Built Gold Bushwacka Gold Candy Cane Gold Blocker Gold Uber Gold Claidheamohmor Gold Machete Bronze Cow Mangler 5000 Bronze Crusader's Crossbow Gold Dalokohs Gold Deaths to Sawblade Bronze Defended Medic Gold Deflected Arrow Gold Deflected Flare Gold Deflected Flare (Detonator) Gold Deflected Huntsman Burning Arrow Gold Deflected Grenade Gold Deflected Rocket Gold Deflected Sticky Bronze Degreaser Gold Half-Zatoichi Gold Chargin' Targe Bronze Detonator Gold The Diamondback Bronze Disciplinary Action Bronze Dominator Gold Beggar's Bazooka Gold Enforcer Gold Engineer Extinguish Gold Cart Escort Gold Your Eternal Reward Gold Eureka Effect Gold Eviction Notice Gold Family Business Gold Fire Axe Gold Fists Bronze Intelligence Gold Defender Bronze Flamethrower Bronze Flare Gun Gold Force-A-Nature Gold Frontier Justice Gold Frying Pan Gold K.G.B. Gold Gloves of Running Urgently Gold Horseless Headless Horseman's Headtaker Gold Holiday Punch Gold Holy Mackerel Gold Iron Curtain Gold Jarate Bronze Assister Bronze Healer Gold Charged Medic Kills Gold Sappers Removed Gold Dispensers Destroyed Bronze Sentry Guns Destroyed Gold Mini Sentry Guns Destroyed Bronze Teleporters Killed Bronze Knife Gold Conniver's Kunai Gold Latency Bronze Sharpened Volcano Fragment Gold Sun-on-a-Stick Gold L'Etranger Gold Liberty Launcher Gold Loch-n-Load Gold The Lollichop Gold Machina Gold Mad Milk Gold Postal Pummeler Gold Manmelter Gold Mantreads Bronze Market Gardener Bronze Medic Entinguish Bronze Minigun Bronze Kill Award Bronze Most Valuable Player Bronze Natascha Gold Nessie's Nine Iron Gold Conscientious Objector Gold Mini Sentrygun Gold Sentry Gun Gold Paintrain Bronze Baby Face's Blaster Gold Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol Gold Persian Persuader Gold Phlogistinator Gold Engy Pistol Gold Scout Pistol Gold Player Penetration Gold Capture Point Gold Pomson 6000 Bronze Powerjack Gold The Hitman's Heatmaker Gold The Cleaner's Carbine Gold Overdose Bronze Pyro Extinguish Silver Original Gold The Rainblower Gold Reserve Shooter Gold Revenger Bronze Revolver Gold Righteous Bison Gold Gunslinger Gold Engineer Taunt (Gunslinger) Gold Gunslinger Combo Kill Gold Direct Hit Gold Sandman Gold Sandvich Gold Saxxy Gold Scatter Gun Gold The Scorch Shot Bronze Scottish Handshake Gold Scout Extinguish Gold Three-Rune Blade Gold Shahanshah Gold Broken Razorbacks Gold The Short Circuit Gold Short Stop Bronze Heavy Shotgun Bronze Engy Shotgun Gold Pyro Shotgun Gold Soldier Shotgun Gold Shovel Gold Homewrecker Gold Submachine Gun Gold Sniper Extinguish Gold Sniper Rifle Gold Soda Popper Gold Solemn Vow Gold Southern Hospitality Bronze Splendid Screen Bronze Spy-cicle Gold Buffalo Steak Sandvich Bronze Steal Sandvich Gold Steel Fists Gold Scottish Resistance Bronze Stun Gold Eyelander Gold Sydney Sleeper Gold Syringe Gun Gold Demoman Taunt Gold Engineer Taunt (Guitar) Gold Heavy Taunt Bronze Medic Taunt Gold Hadouken Gold Scout Taunt Bronze Sniper Taunt Gold Soldier Taunt Gold Kamikaze (Lumbricus Lid) Gold Spy Taunt Gold Telefrags Gold Teleport Bronze Huntsman Gold Flaming Hunstman Gold Deflected Cow Mangler Shot Gold Grenade Launcher Bronze Sticky Launcher Gold Rocket Launcher Gold Maul Gold Winger Gold Third Degree Gold Tomislav Gold Tribalman's Shiv Gold Ubersaw Gold Ullapool Caber Gold Ullapool Caber BOOM Gold Unarmed Combat Gold Equalizer Gold The Escape Plan Gold Fan O'War Gold Warrior's Spirit Gold The Widowmaker Gold Wrangler Gold Wrap Assassin Gold Wrench Gold Jag
Global Awards
Bolts Blown Detonations Served Disciplined to Death Fragments Fragged Garden Graves Dug Give It a Little Blow Hands Shook Headache Medic Extinguish Mmm, Ham Most Kills Nataschas Friend Oktoberfest! Quivering Fool Robin Hood Rootin Tootin Shootin

  Player Actions *

Rank Action Earned sort-descending.gif Accumulated Points
1 Rocket Jump 210 times 0
2 Airblast Player 46 times 0
3 Stun 26 times 0
4 Critical Kill 26 times 0
5 Force Suicide 15 times 0
6 Sticky Jump 13 times 0
7 Picked up the flag 11 times 22
8 Headshot Kill 9 times 18
9 Deployed Buff Flag 8 times 8
10 Airshot Pipebomb 8 times 0
11 Rocket Jump Kill 6 times 0
12 Domination 6 times 30
13 Captured the flag 6 times 30
14 Airshot Flare 6 times 0
15 Teleporter Used (Not Own) 5 times 0
16 Steal Sandvich 4 times 8
17 Mega Kill (6 kills) 4 times 20
18 Kill Assist 4 times 8
19 God Like (12+ kills) 4 times 44
20 Extinguished Teammate (Medic) 4 times 4
21 Dropped the flag (while alive) 4 times -8
22 Double Kill (2 kills) 4 times 4
23 Ultra Kill (8 kills) 3 times 21
24 Domination (4 kills) 3 times 9
25 Airshot Rocket 3 times 0
26 MVP #1 2 times 10
27 Kill Assist - Medic 2 times 6
28 Extinguished Teammate (Pyro) 2 times 2
29 Destroyed a sentry gun 2 times 8
30 Ubercharge 1 times 1
31 Monster Kill (10 kills) 1 times 9
32 Dropped the flag (on death) 1 times 0
33 Destroyed a dispenser 1 times 3
34 Deflected Arrow 1 times 0
35 Airshot Arrow 1 times 0

  Victims of Player-Player Actions *

Rank Action Earned Against sort-descending.gif Accumulated Points
1 Airblast Player 59 times 0
2 Revenge 5 times -15
3 Deflected Arrow 2 times 0
4 Stun 1 times 0
5 Mad Milking a player 1 times 0
6 Domination 1 times -5

  Team Selection *

Rank Team Joined sort-descending.gif % Ratio
1 The RED 10 times 37.04%
2 The BLU 9 times 33.33%

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